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Credit Repair Really Does Work!
Don't You Want Results Like This?

Get Started Today By Getting Free Advice From One Of Our Houston Credit Experts!

(A $97 Value With Absolutely No Cost Or Obligation Of Any Kind)

Please note:  This is NOT a sales pitch disguised as a free consultation like what the other companies do.  There is no high pressure and your privacy is guaranteed.

The truth is that credit repair is NOT a good solution for everyone.  Your situation is unique and we understand how confusing all this credit stuff is.

It's complicated and we know it.  But we'll break it down for you so that you understand.

Most people make serious mistakes when trying to get their credit scores in shape to buy a new home or car or whatever.  Don't be one of them.  The more you know and the better you understand what is really going on, the better.

Get the real answers to your most pressing questions.  Believe us, there is nothing to be ashamed about, nothing to afraid of... we've heard it all before and our guys are professionals who will shoot straight with you and tell you like it is.

If we think credit repair is going to help you, we'll tell you.  If not, we'll tell you.

It's as simple as that. 

Here's what is going to happen...

  • You speak with one of our highly trained professional credit consultants, not some $8/hr sales person in a cubicle.

  • We will ask questions about your goals, and the background surrounding your current credit issues.

  • We will help you obtain a free copy of one of your credit reports.

  • We will evaluate the information in the report and determine if credit repair is going to help you achieve your goals (not our goals).
  • Many do not qualify for our program.  If we think you will benefit, we will explain in detail how it works, how to get the best results and how to get started.

Simply fill in the form below and you will soon be on your way to a better life with solid financial future just like thousands of others.  

This was a real

"Our home got wiped out when  Hurricane Ike devastated Houston and we couldn't get approved for a new loan due to some unknown judgments.  

Our loan officer told us there was NOTHING we could do and suggested we contact a reputable credit repair service in Houston.

Since we only had a few months on our lease we were unsure if credit repair would really work.

But within 4 months we were able to close on a new home in Humble, Texas.

This was a real God-send."

      Rod & Becky Yarbrough Humble, Texas


We were tired of wasting our
money on rent...

"We were tired of wasting our money on rent.  

We really wanted to buy a home, but were denied due to some old credit problems which we didn't even know we had.

Our RE/Max realtor told us to call a professional and we're so glad he did.

We thought it would take a year, so we were really surprised that BOTH of our scores jumped up over 100 points in just a few months.

We recently moved from Houston into our new home in Sugar Land and couldn't be happier."

Graciela Ribeiro &
Rodney Telfor
Sugar Land, Texas

Houston Credit Repair

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