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Credit Repair Companies Are A Dime A Dozen! 

Credit Repair - Dime A Dozen

If You Want Fast And Honest Results From A Reputable Company But Are Afraid That You Might Get Ripped Off, Then You Are In The Right Place...

You'll Immediately Feel 100% Confident When You Read A Little About The Caring Professionals At Houston Credit Repair

Hello!  Welcome to the world of credit repair.

It's a good thing you found us.  We understand how confusing our credit system is.  The credit bureaus, banks, credit card companies and even the U.S. government have created a monster that the average person just simply does not understand.

Credit repair is an even more confusing subject and the laws are constantly changing.  We know what it takes to have good success.

To make matters worse, there are large number of credit repair companies who are unknowledgable and a few that are just downright unscrupulous.  Many of them make big promises but more often than not, fail to produce the results that clients need to get their lives back on track.

 So Who Are We ?

We are a dedicated group of credit consultants located right here in Houston, Texas. 

We can help you realize your dreams. 

With our extensive background in the credit system, we will help demystify the credit enigma for you so you aren't confused about how to restore your good credit rating

We work with the top professionals in the real estate industry and work hard to ensure that good, honest and ethical people are available to help you navigate the confusing maze of buying a new home.

 We Are Never Out Of Reach To Help You

With our offices right here in Houston, Texas, we are readily accessible whenever you need us - you will NEVER be talking to an uninterested customer service rep in a cubicle in some far away city who doesn't know you from Adam's house cat and is reading their lines from a computer screen (that is, if you can get someone on the phone at all).

Our clients have the direct numbers to our customer service agents and will always be able to reach us directly (unless we're talking on the phone at the time).  In today's horribly impersonal world, we think you'll find our very PERSONAL SERVICE refreshing.

But you still get all the benefits available from a large company.  After all, we are one of the most reputable credit restoration companies in Texas.  And for very good reason, every year we help thousands of clients improve their credit profile and get approved for new loans. 

The Top Companies Refer Their Clients To Us

We are referred by many of the top mortgage and real estate companies in Houston. 

Nearly all of our clients are referrals from one trusted source or another.  Chances are good that you may not have heard of us before.  We may not be easy to find.

That's because most of our agents are plenty busy just helping clients who have been referred by loan officers, mortgage brokers and real estate agents, not to mention all of the friends and family members who we have helped before.

And We Are Growing Like Crazy!

Our headquarters is conveniently located in Humble, Texas because we like it out here.  It's nice.  We are registered and bonded in the State of Texas and are able to work with clients nearly anywhere.

Unlike others we do not make wild promises or crazy guarantees that are discounted by a lot of fine print.  No!  We do things right or we don't do it.  It's that simple.

If we can't help you, we'll tell you upfront BEFORE you spend a dime!!

Our Guarantee Is Very Simple...
And it should be kept very simple...

We'll work harder, smarter and faster than anyone in the industry.  Simple as that.

Don't be fooled by what other companies tell you.  We don't make promises, we simply get results.

One of the things that makes Houston Credit Repair a top tier credit repair company is that we have an incredibly friend staff ready to assist you.  They are responsive and genuinely concerned with your success.

The most important part of having good success with our service is to stay on top of your account so that things keep moving forward.  We have a fully automated tracking system that tells us when a client is behind on supplying us the critical information we need to keep the ball rolling.

Our system was built from the group up and cost tens of thousands of put in service. But you'll stay on track and you'll get the best results.

What could be better than that?

No other credit repair company can offer that level of service, because they simply don't have the level of commitment.  That's we are on the the path to quickly become the largest in the State (and country!!).

It's an amazing feeling to be able to finance a car or home, be approved for a credit card or even be able to apply for a job without worrying about your credit rating.  With a good credit rating, you can finance items with a lower interest rate and a payment that your family can afford. 

We know how to get the credit bureaus to comply with federal law so that your credit reports are investigated in a way that has produced proven results for years. 

The bottom line is... you get results.

Get stated today, just click the link below....

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This was a real

"Our home got wiped out when  Hurricane Ike devastated Houston and we couldn't get approved for a new loan due to some unknown judgments.  

Our loan officer told us there was NOTHING we could do and suggested we contact a reputable credit repair service in Houston.

Since we only had a few months on our lease we were unsure if credit repair would really work.

But within 4 months we were able to close on a new home in Humble, Texas.

This was a real God-send."

      Rod & Becky Yarbrough Humble, Texas


We were tired of wasting our
money on rent...

"We were tired of wasting our money on rent.  

We really wanted to buy a home, but were denied due to some old credit problems which we didn't even know we had.

Our RE/Max realtor told us to call a professional and we're so glad he did.

We thought it would take a year, so we were really surprised that BOTH of our scores jumped up over 100 points in just a few months.

We recently moved from Houston into our new home in Sugar Land and couldn't be happier."

Graciela Ribeiro &
Rodney Telfor
Sugar Land, Texas

Houston Credit Repair

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